Project Description

Mugunda mobilizes to build a clean water system

The Mutitu Water Project first started 15 years ago to deal with the effects of climate change, such as drought, land degradation and pollution. The community built an aqueduct around the river Makirwaki, which now brings clean water down from the surrounding mountains into the homes of over 15,000 people. The Mutitu Water Project has been paying for itself thanks to connection fees paid by private citizens, the revenue from water charges, and voluntary labor donations.

Mutitu Water Company Board Members

  1. Rev. Fr Romano, Finance Director
  2. Mr. Peter Muturi, Chief Executive Officer
  3. Mr. Samuel Waithaka, Board Chairman
  4. Mr. Humphrey Thiongó, V/Chairman
  5. Mrs. Priscillah Nyakweo, Director
  6. Mr. Charles Kimondo, Director
  7. Mrs. Irene Njagi, Director
  8. Mr Daniel Gachomo, Director
  9. Mrs. Eunice Karaba, Director
  10. Rev. Fr D. Mutahi, Director
kilometres in Length
Distribution Points
Communal Water Points
Hours of Labour


Your tax-deductible donation will have a huge impact in Mugunda and its surrounding villages for generations to come. You can choose to make a general donation to the community or contribute to a specific project: