Project Description

A gathering place for aspiring young athletes

The Mugunda Youth Training and Sports Centre in central Kenya is a community-led project to develop the first Olympic-standard stadium and sports program in the region, where many of Kenya’s well-known long-distance runners originate.

The Mugunda sports centre sits where Mount Kenya (the second highest peak in Africa) joins with the endless plains of the Savannah—a setting of extraordinary beauty that was chosen to inspire people and nations from all over the continent to gather, compete, and dream.

The Mugunda sports centre is so much more than an athletic facility; it is a unique opportunity to transform the economy of the region, bringing competition, tourism, and local development. With support from all levels of government, academia, business, and church, it will be a source of national pride, attracting young athletes back to the community as invaluable role models to rural youth.

Recent studies have linked sports with improved children’s health, academic achievement, social and emotional development, and ultimately better self-esteem and leadership skills.

The track is half complete, and youth and the Church are raising the final funding to be able to complete the project, organize running events, and stimulate programs in education, healthcare, nutrition, youth empowerment, youth resiliency, economic growth, and public policy.

Feet Above Sea Level

A recent Ernst and Young survey of 400 female corporate executives found that 94% played a sport and 61% say sports contributed to their career success.


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