We are proud of all we have accomplished in the past two years, and as we look forward to 2021, we are invigorated by all that is still to come. At this time, we are open to opportunities for partnerships and collaboration. We would love to hear from you about how we can work together to continue developing innovative and relevant programming to empower local youth. Get in touch.


The Juhudi Youth Development Initiative is based in Mugunda, a farming community on the edge of the Aberdares Mountain Range in Nyeri County in central Kenya. Mugunda’s youth—like many youth from rural areas in Kenya—often move away from home in search of better schools and jobs.

Juhudi Youth uses a holistic, participatory approach to generate the kind of knowledge, skills, and resources needed to empower Mugunda’s young people to thrive locally.

We hope that we can convince the young people of Mugunda that it is possible to achieve their dreams here at home.” – Mugunda Parish Priest Father Romano Filippi

Our Mission
Kenyans unemployed,60% are under the age of 30
of Kenyans emigrate
for work
move from rural areas
to urban areas


The Community as Changemaker

Mugunda is a collection of rural communities in central Kenya with close to 25,000 residents, spread across 50 villages. The environment is categorized as arid or semi-arid, and water and other resources are scarce. Despite limited resources, Mugunda has a solid history of civil society mobilization, especially on behalf of children and youth.

Community members have united to build up infrastructure such as schools and clean water systems, to sponsor educational scholarships for youth, and to construct an Olympic training center for sports development and youth mentorship. These efforts have been self-directed and mostly self-funded. Their success serves as an investment model for sustainable change that is relevant to other rural communities in the region and across the country.


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